Goblins, Open Letters, and Headphones

First things first. I’m almost afraid to say it, yet I feel I must… My main might be a Goblin come Cataclysm. A mining/Engineering Goblin.

Y’know, assuming Acti-Blizzard doesn’t fuck up (more) with the whole RealID thing. (That thread, as of writing this, is up to 2134 PAGES and over 38,000 posts.)

I’m basing this off of what BRK shows us in his final Baby Hunter Pet Movie (love the look of the Nelf pet) regarding the Goblin starter area. Go watch, he’s a blast to listen to and he shows off the starter area near the end. Now, it’s not so much that the more I see of the Worgen, the more I’m disillusioned with them, but rather the fact that Goblins are the ULTIMATE Engineer.

They get rocket-boot-jump as a racial. Yeah. And a car for the starting area. That only works on a road that runs throughout the starting area.

I… I’m sorry, but that’s just awesome. Awesome enough to make me go full Horde.

Secondly, I stumbled across a link to the most epic open letter to Blizzard ever regarding RealID and what World of Warcraft is really about. Well worth the read!

And last but not least, a bit of a review for the World of Warcraft wired headset by Creative. I’ma say, don’t buy one, seriously. The thing is epic quality sound, but only when it works, and boy does it have bugs! If I have the management program for it running, I end up sounding like Megaman half the time in vent (that is, by the way, my new name it seems. Eh, better than some of the other nicknames my TTH friends have bestowed in the past). Worse, it currently is malfunctioning to the point of acting like I’m plugging it in, then unplugging it, every five seconds. It’s a USB headset, you see, and I think something’s wrong with the cord for it.

Once I’m done downloading Trillian, I’ma find a support number if I can and call Creative to see what’s up with this. Then call Best Buy and see if 1) I can get a new cord for it there, or 2) if I can’t, run out to Fred Meyers and get a $20 headset that will last for a year.

Really, really sad when all the stuff that comes with the “World of Warcraft” name attached to it ends up sucking…

And now the thread is at 2139 pages and 38,115 posts. Epic fail, Blizz. Epic fail.


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